Elsa & Carey

Dr.Elsa J. Stokes,

Is Board Certiifed with the American Alternative Medical Associationg ,a Renowned Professional Medium, Author, Angel Communicator, Angel DNA Health Practitoner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitoner, Radio Host,Ordained Minister, T.V.Guest, Spiritual Teacher and Speaker


Intutive living

I was born extremely intuitive with the pround gift to see into the future. I believe we all have this gift, it is our birth right. I come from a family of twelve, eight sisters and three brother. I never felt alone growing up. If I wasn't spending time with my family, I was spending time with my Angels and Spirit guides. I thought everyone could see what I was seeing, I thought everyone could see into the future. I found out early on ,I had to keep quiet because people would think I was nuts.

Living with the Gift

Growing up with this gift I didn't understand why I needed to know everything, why did I need to know what was going to happen to me tommorrow, who I was going to see, what they would be wearing, what they would say. How I was going to feel, what I was going to say. It was like watching a rerun of a Movie. Lord let me know why you are giving me this information, what do I do with it? It got very challenging for me. I asked God please I don't want to know everything. I started to feel responsible for people lifes because I couldn't stop things from happening. But I soon realized it was all just a great gift to use it for good.

You are not alone

Today I embrace this gift and use it to help others, I realize I am not alone and how supported I am. I use it to help myself make decisions. I am so grateful for these gifts and know how to see the beauty of it. Thank you Lord!!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help and be of service in any way our great Creator, God leads us. To live a life of light, with integrity and love. I am so blessed to share my life with such an amazing Shaman, we are both very honored to be doing this work.


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