Healings and Readings

My Services Include:

* Angel Readings
* Psychic Readings
* Medium Reading
* Angel Theta DNA Reprogramming
* Reiki Healing
* Shamanic Energy Medicine
* Crystal Healing/ Chakra Balancing

* Reading's $ 95.00 15 min( phone)

* Reading's $ 150.00 1/2 hour Phone session

* Healings & Reading $ 222.00 Per 1/2 Session ( in person, Skype or phone)

* Healingt & Reading $444.00 for One Hour session ( in person Skype or phone)


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Healing & Reading

Angel DNA Healing

Angel DNA Healing is a combination of Angel Communication /Healing, and Theta DNA programming, it is a holistic healing technique which directly addresses your subconscious mind it will fix the things that are not working for you. it is an extraordinary new technique that allows for immediate physical and emotional transformations and healings.

Using a theta brain wave, the practitioner is able to connect with the energy of Universal Divine Energy , to identify issues with and witness healing on the physical body, and to identify and change limiting beliefs.

Angel DNA Healing is the one of the most powerful, potent, profound, cutting edge healing today.

You can create a life that you have always wanted by quickly reprogramming your unconscious mind getting rid of any sickness and disease.

Through Angel DNA Healing the practitioner is able to remove your limiting beliefs, and replace them with more postitive and supportive beliefs for the healing, and,also for you to achieve what you want to achieve in your life. As these beliefs are changed there is an instant physiological healing done to your Cells and DNA in the body, this enable you to have health, mind improvement and empowerment.


Be ready to experience some huge tranformation's in your life. Most find after recievcing this healing your life starts to change, your relationships start to change for the better. You will also be suprised to find that once you do this healing on yourself it helps those around you, family and friends, those you are close to recieve a healing on some level.

This healing goes one step further than theta healing, it is by far one of the most powerful healings known to man.